Who Is This Course For?


The video below will go into detail about this course and its intended audience. Here is a summary:

  • This course is a great "second" step in building up the skills of a software developer. (See the prerequisites to learn about the first steps)
  • This course is meant to be a comprehensive look at the core skills needed to start your career as a software developer.
  • This course focuses on JavaScript because it lends itself to learning a great number of key principles of software development and it easy to get started with
  • This course also covers some core concepts of HTML/CSS and Responsive design

What Skill Level

Sabio is happy to work with all skill levels. We provide an environment and staff that will challenge the most advanced developers in the industry as well as the ability to support those that need more work on their foundation.

Whatever your skill level, we will accelerate your learning and career opportunities up-to and-including interviews with Google, right out of the program, if appropriate.

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