Hardware/Software Prerequisites



  • Since this course is online and done remotely, you do not need a laptop. A desktop will be fine.
  • Having a webcam set up for remote interactions with staff and other students is preferred.
  • A MAC or PC can be used for this course. ** Be sure to read specifics below because not all Apple machines are compatible.
  • Chrome Browser is a strict requirement


  1. A Chrome Book will not work.
  2. Other Operating Systems will not work for this course.



RAM is the most important aspect of your computer next to the HD Display. You should have at very absolute minimum 12 Gigs of RAM.

  • 12 is minimum recommended.
  • 16 would best.

Laptop Display

An HD Display is best. If possible you should set up a second monitor for the best experience possible while you are watching lectures that are live or recorded.


You can always get a desktop if you are working remotely. Some options may be cheaper in this category.


A windows desktop or laptop PC is required for the bootcamp. Specifically, computers with Intel CPU’s or most AMD CPU computers are supported.
The following are not supported in the training course
  • M1 or M2 processors
  • Any ARM processors
  • AMD Ryzen 5900x processors
What this means is if you are running Windows on a newer Apple machine it is probably not supported.
Many Apple machines will be supported but they need to be NOT running an M1/M2/ARM processor. It is your responsibility to verify the CPU your machine is running.

To repeat, Apple machines are probably not supported.

It is your responsibility to verify the CPU your machine is running is an Intel or AMD processor.

Here is a way to check on your machine what kind of CPU you are running:

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