Hardware/Software Prerequisites




  • Since this course is online and done remotely, you do not need a laptop. A desktop will be fine.
  • Having a webcam set up for remote interactions with staff and other students is preferred.
  • A MAC or PC will do for Prework.
  • Chrome Browser is a strict requirement


  1. A Chrome Book will not work.
  2. Other Operating Systems are not recommended. The software above is buggy on them.


While a PC is not required you need to be able to run Window 10 on your machine. So be prepared to make that happen. As you get closer to the start of your bootcamp ask us about your options.


RAM is the most important aspect of your computer next to the HD Display. You should have at very absolute minimum 10 Gigs of RAM.

  • 8 would work if you have ABSOLUTELY nothing else running on your machine and you have a super fast CPU.
  • 10 is minimum recommended.
  • 12 and 16 would best.

Laptop Display

An HD Display is best.