The purpose of this course is to join Sabio not just take an intro course.

Therefore, the following requirements apply when requesting an Assessment:

  • You need to have your financing in place before requesting an assessment. This does not mean you have to have cash on hand, you just need to know what you are going to do pay for the program.
  • ISA Candidates need to have the approval from
  • VET Tech or VA candidates please send your COE and DD214 to: [email protected]

When To Take an Assessment

Full-Time Immersive Programs, AKA "The Bootcamp", start the third week of the month except for December.

We like to conduct assessments weekly. You should email us to find out the specific schedule as you are approaching, what you feel will be the time to take it.

([email protected] )

Once you pass an assessment, you will be allowed to reserve a seat for the full-time program. As a firm guideline, you should plan to pass your assessment at least by the end of any given month to qualify for a seat the next month. For example:

  • If you want to start your bootcamp in June, you should have passed the assessment by the end of May.
  • If you pass an assessment at any time in May, the first available full-time bootcamp you can join will be in June.

The only snag to these guidelines is that there may not be availability for the month you want to start the bootcamp so you may have to wait. Most people take the assessment and want to start ASAP. So for this reason, if you know you want to come train with us, do the PreWork and take the assessment ASAP.

All that said.... we are flexible. If you have some extenuating circumstances we may be able to work out a different schedule. That would require 110% of your responsiveness to our requests and attempts to fast track you into the program.

How Many Chances Do You Get

There is generally no penalty to take an assessment but we will only give you two (2) assessments within a short period time. After that, we will ask you to put your head down and study for at least 1 month before taking the test again.

This time period will vary from person to person depending on the progress we observe.

Partial Credit

While we have little robots scoring your test, we are not robots nor are you. We are happy to evaluate your assessment for partial credit and give you more credit under the following conditions

Effort Matters

As you progress through your exercise and clear all the bugs on any given exercise, "Save" your work. Saving your work is important because when you submit your assessment we will be able to see all your saved worked. More green bugs is better for you.

Since this is a remote/online course this best way for us to see your effort. (This and Waka Time)

Time is a Factor

Once the time has expired on the assessment continue working on, on your own and finish as much as you can. If you have 4 bugs left, squash another bug and submit again. Squash another one? Submit again. When you feel you are done, let us know so we know you did all you could.

We cannot let you have unlimited time so within a reasonable period of time we will consider extra time and bugs squashed for partial credit.

Slow and steady wins this race. While it is best to get through this in a specified period time, if you can get through it with a just a little more time this shows us that you will be able to generate the necessary momentum to be successful coming out of the program.

If you have any questions about this process just email us at [email protected] 😃